About T de P


Who are we?

Traducciones de Publicidad (T de P) is an international network of copywriters with wide experience in multinational advertising agencies. It is based in Barcelona.

Our work consists in translating-adapting-recreating-writing-copyediting-proofreading all kinds of advertising texts for above the line and below the line communication. We work with Spanish, English, French, Catalan, German, Galician, Italian, Mallorcan, Basque, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Rumanian, Czech, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, etc.

You have access to a network of professional copywriters who are university graduates in advertising and marketing. We have wide-ranging experience in creating campaigns and in writing advertising copy: we come from advertising agencies and we have been working since 1992 for large advertising agencies and for all kinds of clients, brands and sectors (food, automobile, drinks, beauty, hygiene, cleaning, health, construction, culture, hotels and restaurants, telecommunications, finance, industry, etc.).

Now you can breathe freely and let us find the answers to questions such as:

  • Who can do the creative English translation of this campaign?
  • Will it be done properly from the advertising point of view?
  • Will it have the impact that it has in Spanish? And in German? And in French?
  • How can I be sure?
  • Where can I find a good native copywriter for each language?

What is the point of creating a good campaign in English if it loses effectiveness when it is translated to another language?.

Marketing and communication actions have to be effective in every language, in every market, in every country and in every culture. And for that you have to have a specialist.

We want to help you in your international campaigns – and we can help you!

Don’t take a chance with translators from outside the field of advertising and business communication… give us a call!


What do we do?

We translate-adapt-recreate-write-copyedit-proofread all kinds of campaigns for advertising and marketing communication:

Above the line.

  • Press (newspapers, magazines, free publications, inserts, etc.).
  • Television (spots, infomercials, etc.).
  • Radio (wedges, infomercials, sponsorship, etc.).
  • Cinema (spots, filmlets, slides, product placement, etc.).
  • Outdoor (billboards, urban furniture, coverings for façades, etc.).

Below the line.

  • Internet, webs, banners, sites, microsites, e-commerce, direct marketing, etc.
  • Leaflets, catalogues, flyers, point-of-sale material, product placement, displays, etc.
  • Internal and external communication, press dossiers, etc.
  • Promotion material, labels, texts for packs, etc.
  • Presentations, marketing and communication strategies, business letters, etc.

Remember that we are not just translators – first and foremost we are advertising people and we know that every piece of communication is a weapon for selling, not for “literary composition”.

We write so that you can sell!


How do we do it?

Thanks to the Internet and e-mail, all the copywriters can be in “the same office” while being thousands of kilometres apart. Most important of all, a copywriter who lives in the country is up to date with what is going on in marketing, advertising and in consumer knowledge, and is constantly in contact with reality, unlike one who has lived abroad for months or years.

An example of how we work:

  1. The client asks us for the Creative Translation of an original press advertisement from Spanish to: English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Galician or Basque.
  2. He sends us the text, the briefing (goals + target), and the timing.
  3. We study the advertisement, prepare the material and add our comments and recommendations for each copywriter after a counterbriefing with the client (if necessary). We decide in each case which of our network copywriters is the right one for the advertisement and language.
  4. We send everything to the copywriter we feel is most suitable for each job, in London, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Lisbon, La Coruña or Bilbao and in 24/48 hours the client has the Creative Translation of the press advertisement with:
    – Several options of headline in each language.
    – The headline that we recommend and why.
    – The comments and advice that we consider appropriate for each language, so that the client can feel perfectly sure when the choice is made.

Because we are an international network of copywriters who translate-adapt-recreate-write-copyedit-proofread advertising campaigns, you have a copywriter in the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, etc.

It’s like having an agency in every country and market, with the with the same effectiveness, but … with an infinitely smaller budget!.

Where do we come from?

From universities

We are all graduates in marketing and advertising, and most importantly advertising, communication, marketing, and business are our lifeblood.

From advertising agencies

The people we work with have of experience in advertising agencies, both on the marketing side and in the creative department as copywriters.

From big advertisers

Some of our people started out in an advertiser’s marketing department, but an enthusiasm for creativity has made copywriters of them, which provides an interesting background. Working together over the years we have formed a sound international network of copywriters that is present in most countries and cities worldwide.