Traducciones de Publicidad
Traducciones de Publicidad

Creative Translation

There is more to translating advertising than just translating headlines, advertisements, slogans, leaflets, flyers, TV spots, radio wedges, web pages, banners, etc.

Literal Translation

A literal translation is a translation that stays faithfully close to the original text (a business letter, a marketing plan, a presentation, a corporate video, a press release, etc.)

Professional Translators

Writing well and effectively is no easy matter. It requires a special talent and a love of words, and it takes time – more time than you are likely to have.

Who are we?

Traducciones de Publicidad (T de P) is an international network of copywriters with wide experience in multinational advertising agencies.

What do we do?

We translate-adapt-recreate-write-copyedit-proofread all kinds of campaigns for advertising and marketing communication.

How do we do it?

Thanks to the Internet and e-mail, all the copywriters can be in “the same office” while being thousands of kilometres apart.

Where do we come from?

From universities, from advertising agencies and from big advertisers.